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Piggy Giggles was started soon after my third child was born. After years of my oldest, who’s five, coming up to me multiple times a day and saying, “Mom, I’m bored can we do a craft?” I decided to start a website and share all the fun crafts we are doing.  

Each of my three kids has contributed to this website. There is the craft section which my five year old daughter inspired me to do. You’ll see a recipe section that is dedicated solely to my second child, the pickiest eater in the world, who won’t even touch a donut because it looks yucky (okay so that is a good thing, but it goes the other way too).  We credit our name, Piggy Giggles, to our youngest. My husband calls him Little Piggy because of all the cute little snorts and grunts he’d make as a newborn—our Little Giggling Pig!

So come join us and our family on the journey to crafting and eating!! We’ll be testing recipes for kids in our Picky Pig’s Kitchen and our Pickiest Piggy will let you know if it’s a winner. We’ll be constantly adding new crafts for kids to our Crafty Piggy section with the help of our Born-to-Craft Granny and many of our cousins, aunts, and friends. Oh and being a mother of three kids, I thought I’d throw in a Pig’s Picks - Product Review section. I like to buy new baby and kid’s products that will make life easier and more fun, but I also like to save money. So I’ll let you know what I think are must haves and what are save-your-money-and-spend-it-on-something-else items.

While you’re here, check out our Contact Us page. We’d love to hear from you!! Let us know how we are doing; if you’ve made some of the crafts or recipes then let us know how it went; or if you have any good craft or recipe ideas, send them to us!!

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