Party Streamer Flowers Craft - Kids craft using Leftover Birthday Party Streamers

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Do you have party streamers left over from decorating for a child's birthday party?  This is a great craft to use them.  If you don’t have any party streamers you can use tissue paper for these flowers, too. Make a lot of these and put in a vase or Mason jar for a beautiful table decoration!  This is an easy craft to do that doesn't use a lot of different materials.




Supplies for Party Streamer Flowers Craft:

  • Different color party streamers (or tissue paper)
  • Clear tape
  • Craft stick (or you can break a twig off a fallen tree branch)

    To Make Party Streamer Flowers:

    • Start by wrapping party streamers around and around (until you get the flower as big as you want it, holding it pinched together at the bottom.

    • Tape the bottom of the flower to the craft stick or twig.
    • Wrap the craft stick with green party streamer and tape at the end.
    • Spread the “petals” of the flower out.


    Did you try this craft?  Let us know how it went!

    Happy Crafting!!  Piggy Giggles

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