Easy Craft for Kids: Mini American Flag on a Straw

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Are you looking for a very easy 4th of July craft for kids?  This craft just requires you print the PDF coloring page, color, cut out and glue on a straw.  It's an easy craft to do with a group of kids.  The PDF coloring page will make 2 flags, you can print as many pages as you need.  Now your ready to wave your mini flag at your Fourth of July celebration!


Supplies Needed to make a Mini American Flag on a Straw:

Directions to make a Mini American Flag on a Straw:

    • Print the Piggy Giggles American Flag Coloring Page, you can cut the page in half horizontally so that you still have intact a flog with the mirror image of the flag right beside it.  (Each page that you print will make 2 flags)
    • Color the American Flag and it's mirror image


    • Cut out along the dotted lines, making sure to leave the two flags together in the middle.
    • Flip the flag over and apply glue with your Glue Stick.  Then place your Straw in the middle and fold the flag over, matching the edges. This will give you a double sided flag.


Did you try this craft?  Let us know how it went! 

Happy Crafting!!  Piggy Giggles


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