Crafts using Pom Poms

Every kid loves pom poms!!  Try making these pom pom crafts with your child and don't be surprised if a few of those pom poms end up in their pocket.  We'd love it if you'd send us your pom pom crafts

The Pom Pom Raccoon is definitely a favorite; kids will love his black and white tail. This is an easy craft for young and old kids to do. Supplies Needed to make a Raccoon Pom Pom Craft: 2 large Black…
Kids will have fun making a cute little Pom Pom mouse.  This is an easy craft and makes a great little pocket pet. Supplies Needed to make a Mouse Pom Pom Craft: 1 large Pom Pom 1 medium Pom Pom…
This super easy Caterpillar craft is made out of Pom Poms.  Kids love making crafts with Pom Poms.  They might not be able to resist tucking their favorite pom pom in their pocket.  You might find it later as it…
Kids can't resist cute teddy bears made out of Pom Poms.  They will love digging through the bag of Pom Poms and choosing just the right colors for this craft.   Supplies Needed to make a Teddy Bear Pom Pom…
Need a fun gift for Grandma??  Well this is it.  These Pom Pom Necklace and Earrings are sure to be noticed.  Your kids will have fun making this craft and even more fun seeing Grandma wear it.   Supplies needed…

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