Homemade Fire Starters - Great craft for kids who like to go camping

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Here's a craft for all you campers out there.  Make your own fire starters using things you'd throw away.  These are great to keep in your hiking pack or camper in case the need for a campfire arises.


Submitted by Rebecca

Supplies Needed for Camp Fire Starters:

  • Paper Egg Cartons
  • Old Candles or Paraffin Wax
  • Dryer Lint or Sawdust
  • Wax Paper
  • Container to melt the candles, like a Disposable Bread Tin

    Directions to make Camp Fire Staters:

      • With a cardboard egg container, fill each slot with either saw dust or dryer lint. I pre cut mine into individual starters before I dip them. Some people don't. I find it easier to work with.


      • Next melt old candles or you can buy paraffin wax, in a double boiler set up. Keeping in mind whatever you melt the wax in can never be used for anything else after that. I use disposable bread tins which can be reused many, many times for making more.


      • If you want to make them waterproof then submerge individual egg carton cups in wax. You don't need to let them sit in wax; they just need to get covered.
      • If they don't need to be waterproof then you can poor wax on top and just fill the starter till wax pours over the sides. Again, note, make sure you have wax paper under starters to catch spills. It will leak and get everywhere!!! After the "spill" dries you can peel it up and put it back into melting wax.


    • Let them cool and place in zip lock bag for campfires!! Great for campers :) who do lots of bon fires.

    Did you try this craft?  Let us know how it went! 

    Happy Crafting!!  Piggy Giggles

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