How to make a Paper Mache Piggy Bank For Kids with a Flour and Water Paper Mache Recipe

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We had lots of fun making this Paper Mache Piggy Bank.  We used a flour and water Paper Mache Recipe, which is the cheapest way to make Paper Mache.  We made 2 Piggy Banks and used the entire recipe.  We didn't have any newspaper so we used Brown Paper Grocery Bags which worked fine, it just took a little longer to dry.  I was actually a little surprised at how NOT messy this craft project was.  I got everything together and left my 4 year old and 6 year old to it while I got the baby to sleep.  I thought I'd come back to a mess, but cleanup was super easy because I had laid down some plastic on the table.  My 6 year old did a great job covering hers.  I had to redo most of my 4 year old's after he was done, but he had a lot of fun doing it his way first and isn't that what its all about?  We did have a mishap with leaving our piggy banks out to dry in the rain!!  We found that the longer that it took to dry the worse it smelled.  You can add cinnamon or something to your Paper Mache Recipe if you want it to smell better!


Paper Mache Recipe:

  • Mix 1 cup of water with 1 cup flour until smooth
  • Mix this mixture into 4 cups of boiling water
  • Add a little cinnamon if you want
  • Let cool and it's ready to use

Supplies Needed to make a Paper Mache Pig for Kids:

  • Plastic Container with a twist-on lid (juice container, protein powder container, etc)
  • Empty Egg Carton
  • Newspaper, Brown Paper Grocery Bags, or any other kind of Paper that you'd recycle
  • Low-temp Glue Gun
  • Paint and Brushes
  • Modge Podge or Clear Gloss Paint for Sealing
  • Paper Mache Recipe
  • Pipe Cleaner (we used the extra fuzzy kind)

Directions to make a Paper Mache Pig for Kids:

  • Make your Paper Mache Recipe and tear your newspaper into strips
  • Cut the egg carton into individual cups (you'll need 7 cups)
  • With the lid ON the Plastic Container, glue the egg carton cups on the Container for the feet, ears, and nose (glue the nose on the lid)


  • Cut a slit (to put the money) in the top of your container with one side your your scissors (adults should do this part)
  • Next, take the lid off and put some tape around the threads so that you won't get paper mache where the lid needs to screw on. (You want to make sure you glue the nose on when you have the lid on the container so that it ends up in the right place)


  • Now you're ready to start applying the paper strips
  • Dip each strip into the paper mache mixture and then wipe off the excess with your fingers.  Wrap the strip around your pig.  Keep doing this until everything is covered, including the lid.


  • Let your pig dry overnight and then paint.


  • After the paint dries, paint on the Modge Podge or Clear Vanish to seal it.
  • Feel with your fingers where the slit you cut for the money is and cut through the paper to access it.
  • Cut the pipe cleaner in half and glue on the back for the tail.  Use your finger to make it curly.


Did you try this craft?  Let us know how it went!

Happy Crafting!!  Piggy Giggles

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  • Comment Link shredding Austin Friday, 30 March 2012 02:36 posted by shredding Austin

    This is a very good paper mache craft for children! Piggy banks will indeed be useful to them. They will surely envoy making this project and eventually learn the value of saving. Thanks for sharing.

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