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Crafts for Toddlers

Piggy Giggles has some easy Crafts for Toddlers.  Toddlers love to scribble, paint, glue and stick on let them have fun with these crafts.  Some of these crafts they can do part of and you can fill in on the rest...these are great activities to do with your toddler.  If you have any Crafts for Toddlers, share them with us so you and your toddler can see them here on Piggy Giggles.

Easy Paper Bag Puppet Craft for Kids

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This is a fun craft for a wide range of kids’ ages.  For younger kids you can cut out all of the shapes and let them glue them onto the paper bags.   You can also make pigs, cats, dolls (use scrap fabric for clothes), dogs…whatever you can imagine.  If you like to make puppets, try some of our finger puppet crafts as well

Paper Bag Puppets


Supplies for Paper Bag Puppets craft:

  • Paper lunch Bags
  • Colored Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers/Crayons/Colored Pencils

    To Make Paper Bag Dragon Puppet:

    Paper Bag Dragon Puppet

    • Cut Tongue, Circles and Triangles out of construction paper.
    • Glue the Tongue under the fold of the bottom of the paper bag
    • Fold a narrow strip of the triangles down so you can apply glue
    • Glue triangles down back and forehead of puppet paper bag
    • Glue on the Paper Bag circles for spots
    • Draw eyes and nose on the bottom of the paper bag that is folded over and Let dry

    Did you try this craft?  Let us know how it went!

    Happy Crafting!!  Piggy Giggles

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